Problems fixed :)

I am pleased to say the little problem when creating a task was easy to fix. I’d left out the blatantly obvious piece of code to do it! It was like a slap to the forehead when i realised, and i had it fixed in minutes! :)

I also fixed the spelling mistake last night – wow that was an embarassing one! Funny because i’d been working on it for over a week at home, and in all that time hadn’t noticed it! Yes, i am dyslexic, but it doesn’t normally affect me too badly! :)

Hopefully by now all of you have had your importance set on overdue tasks. Looking in the database there are about 250 tasks which have not been updated, but i think they all belong to teams with no people in them, which would explain why they haven’t been touched – they need to be connected to people to know when midnight has passed. I can’t bring my brain to think about what might happen if two people from different timezones are in a team together … my brain refuses to even try to contemplate that scenario! I am, as it happens, dyscalculic as well as dyslexic …! ;)

Anyway, as always, please get in touch if you see anything wrong with the site or if you have any feedback to offer. I always like hearing from people. Leave a comment here or on the LJ syndicated journal, or use the contact form if you prefer!

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