New feature - task importance - why and how

Today’s new features are thanks to jinkies and a very interesting conversation we had a few weeks ago. There are several parts to this, so let me explain why we’re doing it.

It’s a fact of life that tasks go overdue. Today’s new changes are mainly to deal with them when they do, to prevent you getting a build up of overdue tasks. You can optionally have MyChores automatically re-schedule tasks which have gone overdue. At the same time you may want MyChores to increase the task’s importance, so that next time it comes around you notice that you’ve missed it before.

Different tasks will need to be handled in different ways, that’s fine. By default the importance gets increased but the due date does not change. You can view your workload list by importance if you wish. There’s a helpful switcher control at the bottom of the workload page now.

The introduction of task importance also allows for two new optional columns on the workload list – Importance shown as either words or stars. If you’re planning to use importance as a way of managing your tasks you’ll want to add one of those on.

We have also added some extra intelligence to the way tasks re-schedule themselves after being ticked or skipped. Previously the weekly tasks were especially annoying – if you did them early they’d show up again the very next day! Now you can choose the day(s) you would like to do a task. When ticked, it will jump forward and then attach itself like a magnet to the nearest day that you said you wanted to do it. This also means you can have a daily task which happens every day except Sunday, as some people have asked for.

With so many changes there’s bound to be a few problems, so please let me know if anything looks wrong for you. There is more coming – a view which graphs both importance and due date together to help you see what’s the greatest priority. Hopefully i’ll be able to get that up within the next few weeks.

By the way, you can easily choose to ignore this whole thing. The advanced options are marked as such, and it’s fine to leave them as the default. Unless you turn on the importance columns, you probably won’t notice the importance changing. If you are troubled by any of these new features, however, please get in touch and i’ll help you disable them altogether.

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