New shortcuts and new statistics

A small change has gone live today: the right-hand column now contains icon shortcuts to Workload, Calendar, Statistics and Print-outs. The idea being that wherever you are on the site, you’re only one click away from these views, thereby increasing the speed with which you can use the site. I have also moved the Google ads to the more prominent position of the right-hand side bar. Those of you who have advertisements switched off will continue not to see any ads at all.

I know these changes mean that some of the screenshots will need updating. I’ll get round to this soon.

Site-wide statistics for February are now avaialble! The number of tasks being done every day is becoming more consistent (was over 40 tasks per day for most of February), and the league tables show some interesting turns. Whilst numbers 1 and 2 remain ‘Water plants’ and ‘Dust surfaces’, the previous number 3, ‘Clean toilet’ has dropped to number 6. ‘Clean & scrub bath’ has also taken a downward turn, but ‘Change towels’ has continued to rise from number 9 in December, to number 6 in January, to number 4 in February. Previously popular ‘Plump cushions’ dropped off the top 10 altogether in February.

View all these statistics at

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