New nudge feature

Another brilliant suggestion from lolageek – we’re calling it the nudge feature. It only really applies if you have a team with two or more people. If someone seems to be ignoring a task, you can give them a nudge! MyChores suggests some text for you, but you can customise your message before you send it.

There are a few ways to access the nudge feature:

  • Hover over a task name. The list of actions now includes ‘Nudge someone’. I also added in ‘Skip’ there today.
  • Add the Nudge column using customisable workload columns.
  • Click through to the task page, and it’s at the top there.
  • Multiple select now has a drop-down box of what to do with the tasks you’ve selected. You can nudge someone about multiple tasks all at once.

Because we care about your privacy, nudge emails are sent from the MyChores email address. This is to avoid revealing your email address to the person you are nudging, supposing you don’t want it known. You don’t need to know the email address of the person you are nudging, either – you just choose their id from a drop-down list.

You can only send nudges to confirmed members of your teams. That is, you can’t add someone to your team and immediately start nudging them. They would have to confirm that they want to be part of your team first.

Any suspicions that we might have copied Twitter slightly are entirely correct! ;) All feedback will be most welcome!

Happy nudging! ;)

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