Exciting ideas for MyChores developments!

I had a very good weekend with jinkies brainstorming some excellent new ideas for MyChores … i’m so excited about the new developments we’ve planned!

The first is rather trivial, but will involve a slightly different ‘edit task’ screen. You’ll still choose daily/weekly/monthly but also have ticky boxes of days that it may occur on. ‘Every Monday’ will simply translate to ‘Every week’ with just the Monday ticked. Every day will be daily with every day ticked. This change will allow for things such as ‘Every day except for Wednesday’, ‘Every Monday, Thursday and Saturday’, and ‘The first Friday of every month’. It will also fix the current anomoly where if you have a task ‘Every Sunday’ and you do it a day early MyChores tells you to do it again the very next day! Under the new system it will jump forward a week and then bounce to the nearest day out of the possible days you’ve said the task may occur.

The next change is the most exciting one, and it will allow for a much more realistic MyChores, rather than the currently very optimistic idea that everyone will do all their chores on the day they’re told to! Currently MyChores doesn’t exactly approve of tasks going overdue. The new feature will accept that, yes, tasks go overdue, and will incorporate various options for dealing with them when they do.

The main way it will do this is by adding ‘Importance’ to each task. There will be seven levels of importance, from trivial through to critical. You will then be able to switch your workload to view by importance, rather than by due date, as it is now. I’m even hoping to add a new view which will be a matrix or graph view, mapping both importance and due date, and splitting into four sections: first, next, later and last – rather like Stephen Covey’s time-management matrix. I think this will really help people to decide which tasks should be started first.

When a task goes overdue there will be a few things that can happen to it. Currently nothing happens to overdue tasks – they just build up getting more scary and more overdue. But some tasks don’t necessarily have to be done every time. For certain tasks you’ll be able to ask MyChores to automatically re-schedule them for you, rather than showing them as overdue. In addition, or instead, you’ll be able to have the importance increased when a task goes overdue. Whenever a task is done, the importance will be re-set back to its default importance ready for next time. This might also tie in quite nicely with earning points for tasks (if i decide to implement that sometime in the future).

These new features will be absolutely optional. I’m not going to make MyChores too complicated for the people who enjoy using it the way it is now, but i am excited to add these new features for people who will make use of them.

These new ideas mean that i am putting off the development of both MyChores Mobile and MyChores Kids. There will, of course, come a point where i have to split those sites off from the main site, but whilst i still have new ideas for the main site i want to continue working on it.

Oh … one minor change that’s going to come up soon … the site supporters yellow star icon will change to a green plus icon. This is because i’d rather use stars to indicate the importance when that comes in.

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