Trumpet fanfare: Customisable workload lists are here!!

Wow, after talking about this for months, i hope it’s going to meet everybody’s expectations! I have today implemented customisable workload lists! What does that mean to you? Not a thing, unless you want it to mean something. If you like MyChores the way it is, it’ll still be exactly the same for you. If you want it to appear differently for you, even behave differently, here’s your chance! Now it really is YOUR MyChores! ;)

Okay, what’s all the hype about? Here are two possibilities of what you can do with customisable workload columns:

A very simple view:

Or a very detailed view:

Or you can have anything in between! Choose from any of the following columns:

  • Multiple select
  • Team
  • List (separate column)
  • Task (separate column)
  • List: Task
  • Recurrence
  • Due date
  • Assigned to
  • Done
  • Skip

(If you wish to included a lot of columns, you’ll be best off using one of the two new themes, “Love” or “Simple”, which allows the workload list to fill more of the screen.)

You can customise your list to look any number of different ways … and this introduces two new features as well!

Multiple select – you can choose a number of different tasks and mark them all as done all in one go. It’ll calculate the next due dates and assignees, but it won’t make any Twitter updates – for the simple reason that you could potentially be making 40 updates all at once!

Skip – as suggested by otterylexa, this is for when you don’t need to do a task right now. It moves on to the next date without marking it as done. If this might be useful ocassionally, but you don’t want the buttons on your workload list, you can also click through to the task and you’ll find a new action, ‘Skip’ there.

Well, it has been a busy, productive day! A very succesful first MyChores Monday, i think! :)

Since i have fiddled around with A LOT of code here, there could well be problems. If you come across anything odd, i would recommend the first thing you do is logout and log back in again. If the problem still persists, please get in touch and i will do my best to fix it!

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