Email notifications update

Well, i’ll admit that wasn’t the smoothest MyChores update i’ve ever done! I managed to break the standard outbound email queue, a few people in Europe got sent the wrong tasks, and a few people in the UK received duplicate emails. I was so worried about whether i’d got the timezone thing right, i didn’t realise that i had some problems with my table linkings.

Still, i’ve had a fun two hours fixing it all! It was quite a race to get the second problem finished before 8am so that i could send out the correct emails to the Continent, and then i had until 9am to fix another problem (again to do with table linking) and send out all the UK emails. In the end i think they went at 08:55. Whew!

Well, thank goodness i got up early today, that’s all i can say! I can relax now until 13:00 when emails start getting sent to America! :)

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