Timezone support for email notifications

Wow, it’s been a long time coming, but i think i’ve finally achieved timezone support for email notifications. Emails were previously sent out at 4am GMT. This presumably meant that Americans were getting emails a day early, and Australians had to wait until the afternoon to get their email! Now i have an process polling every hour to see who wants an email.

But that’s not the best bit! The best bit is you get to choose what time your email arrives! As jinkies said to me, it can be quite useful to have an email arriving when you get home from work to remind you what needs doing. That is now possible!

By default, we’re all going to get our next notification at 8am in our local timezone. If you fancy changing that, you’ll find the option under Preferences.

I can’t promise you’ll get the email at exactly the time you ask for it, for a few reasons. If you live in a timezone that is not a whole number of hours offset from GMT, your email will arrive early. For example, we have someone in New Delhi which is 2½ hours ahead. If you ask for an email at 08:00 it’ll probably come at 07:30.

Similarly, things get difficult with Daylight Saving Time. MyChores considers Sydney to be 10 hours ahead, but i believe right now Sydney is in fact 12 hours ahead, since we’re having Winter and Sydney is having Summer. So your email could be up to 2 hours early! Or maybe it’ll be right on time. We’ll just have to wait and see, heheh!

I will REALLY appreciate lots of feedback on this one. I’m fully expecting a couple of slip-ups because to be honest this whole timezone thing confuses me to pieces, so please bear with me and let me know if things are funny to start with! Thanks! :D

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