The Way Ahead

I thought it would be good to put together a little plan, like i did right at the very start, of what i’m planning for MyChores.

As i did before, i’ll cross them off when they get implemented.

  • Referral Programme
  • Make it easier to invite people into teams (idea from Aster)
  • Ability to remove people from teams
  • Quick assignment of a whole list and all tasks within it (idea from MazzaRC)
  • Quick re-scheduling of all tasks within a list (idea from MazzaRC)
  • Allow rotating assignments between team members (idea from MazzaRC)
  • Customisation of workload list – whether you see all tasks or just those assigned to you, and which columns to include on the view (idea from jamies)
  • Timezone support (make sure it always shows correct day no matter where you are in the world)
  • Allow the calendar view to show months other than current month (ie forward/back facility)
  • Function for me to send email newsletters (with ability to opt out, of course)
  • Thank-you notes (site supporters only – sending of appreciative emails for chores done)
  • Export to Spreadsheet (site supporters only)
  • Statistics to include a bar chart of number of tasks completed in each month (site supporters only)
  • Option to change login id (site supporters only)
  • Front page to show total number of tasks completed each day
  • Enhanced scheduling options for tasks

I have a pretty hectic 5 weekends coming up, so i’m not sure how quickly these things will get done … but those are the ideas in the pipeline! :)

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