Small updates

I have made a tiny (but important) change that should make things faster. I was previously looking up the user details in the database for every page, just to see whether they wanted ads or not. Now i’m just taking it from the session cache. If you update your preferences, it updates the session cache. Very simple, i’m surprised i didn’t think of it before.

As this is live, the changes don’t seem to have taken effect straight away. I’m kinda getting used to this – it seems to take a couple of hours for the changes to filter down properly, particularly when my changes involve cache. This is also true if you change your ‘favourite’ home page view, you’ll probably have to log out and back in again for the change to take effect. By tomorrow, this shouldn’t be necessary.

Another little change – i’ve taken off the “Valid XHTML” button, since i discovered it’s not strictly valid anymore! Ooops! Fortunately i think it’s easy to fix!

Update: The cache seems to be working as expected now, and the XHTML and CSS are once again both valid!

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