Contest to design a new MyChores logo!

A major new version of MyChores is in the works and i’d like to have a new logo to go with it. Since i have very little design skill i’ve decided to open it up as a contest. Design your logo, submit it, and everyone will have an opportunity to vote for their favourite!

Here’s how it’s going to go:

  • Design your logo. I can accept Photoshop and Gimp format.
  • The logo should say ‘mychores’ (lowercase, one word) or ‘MyChores’ (uppercase M and C, no space).
  • Email your submission to (click for email address) or upload it somewhere and send me the link.
  • Deadline for submissions: 30th April 2009.
  • Voting begins on 1st May 2009.
  • In keeping with the open source ethos of MyChores, you must agree for your logo to be used, shared and adapted, with attribution. See Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported.
  • Please use only free fonts and images that are available for reuse.
  • No prize or reward offered, apart from the good feeling if you are chosen! You will of course be fully credited and welcome to add your design as a reference on your portfolio.

Although there is no prize, i will give site supporter status to every member who enters. That’s not to say that non-members can’t enter - everyone is welcome!

For reference, the original logo looked like this:

Original MyChores logo

The current logo looks like this:

Current MyChores logo

It would also be good to have a little ‘mascot’ icon to use for Twitter and Gravatar. The original mascot was the joyful child and the current mascot is the house.

Jumping child mascot House mascot

If you don’t wish to participate in the contest, please help by spreading the word around so that as many people who might want to participate get to hear about it! Thanks! :D

2 Responses to “Contest to design a new MyChores logo!”

  1. Gravatar (globally recognised avatar) associates an avatar with your email addressGavin Anderson Says:

    Have you got a Facebook group yet. That would be a great way of spreading the word, if you haven’t. I was just at a Nationwide rally this weekend, and there were groups from every state and major municipality. And I noticed that almost all of them had Facebook Group pages set up. Surprisingly, there were no MySpace Group pages that I saw, so I think Facebook must be the “new thing”.

  2. Gravatar (globally recognised avatar) associates an avatar with your email addressAimee Says:

    Yes, Kristen set up a fan group for MyChores! :)

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