MyChores in UK Wired Magazine

Wired UK

The Wired magazine has relaunched in the UK and MyChores is in it! John O’Reilly has written an article about life-tracking, the new trend to use the internet to track your life in numbers and statistics. Nine websites are reviewed, including MyChores. The summary for MyChores was as follows:

Mary Poppins sold her charges domestic chores as a singalong game. You can use cold, hard numbers to put pressure on yours as you chart tasks.
Positive: Good charts mean good housekeeping.
Negative: There’s no escaping the fact that it’s your turn to clean the bathroom.

Due to the nature of the article, a lot of it is focussed on numbers. It is actually quite personal for me and the way that i use MyChores. It has a few other general usage statistics that i provided. It mentions the satisfaction of having a way to measure the chores you’ve done. It mentions the team-based nature of MyChores for monitoring each other’s progress. Overall i should say MyChores comes out very well in the article, though it would be nice if it had mentioned that MyChores is open source.

The new UK Wired magazine looks good, with many interesting articles, so if you have a chance to buy it, do! I’m on pages 148-149. :)

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