Resetting forgotten passwords

I apologise to anybody who couldn’t log in recently due to the reset password functionality being broken. It is now fixed.

I am slowly going through the code bit by bit, tidying things up. Now that i’ve started, i’m finding more and more that i want to refactor. I know the importance and value of writing tests, but sometimes it’s hard to restrain myself - i just want to get in and fix it all up NOW!

The good news is, the functionality of resetting forgotten passwords is now well and truly tested, so it should never go wrong again. For anybody who is curious how the testing works, you are welcome to view the test script: forgot_password.feature

I write a stories like these describing exactly what is supposed to happen, and run them through a testing tool called Cucumber. Obviously, i cannot test every feature by hand every time, but Cucumber can run through these stories extremely quickly. The more stories i write, the more confidence i can have that everything is working as expected.

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