Filter by team members

We have a new functionality for people who are in teams with two or more people: filter by member.

This was suggested and implemented by Derek, who wanted the functionality to help oversee what other team members had to do.

You’ll find the new option in the filter menu at the bottom of the workload page.

Filter by person

The more people you have in your teams, the more options you’ll get there. If you just use MyChores by yourself you won’t notice anything different.

This has been the first change that has been well tested. The tests provide a very useful starting point for refactoring and speeding up the task lookup and display.

In other news, i am going back and looking at MyChores Mobile, since somebody has now asked for it. Once the MyChores API is complete, it opens the door for other plugin applications, such as MyChores for Kids, MyChores Google gadget, and possibly a Facebook application and an iPhone application!

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