Pictures update (again)

I am so sorry to say that HostingRails have provided no help at all in this matter. I believe it must be their fault that the pictures went missing: it certainly wasn’t anything i did. They have made no attempt to explain what happened, or how i can be sure it won’t happen again. They also showed no initiative whatsoever in trying to restore the pictures, which has been made worse by the fact that i’ve had limited Internet access over the last few days. The timing has been very unfortunate.

I believe i will be able to restore some of the pictures, but not until i get home from Christmas holidays, on 27th December. Unfortunately i will not be able to restore everybody’s pictures. I never imagined that i would have to make my own backups. I thought that HostingRails would be able to take care of that.

Please be assured that everything else on MyChores seems to be working fine. The workload, hot map and calendar views will work for you, even if the collage view is all but useless without the pictures.

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