Sorry for the downtime

MyChores is currently temporarily unavailable. We are just trying to configure it to use Capistrano. Hopefully we’ll be back very soon! Sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime.


Okay, we are back up and now using the new Capistrano configuration. Apologies for the yo-yo effect today. I hope you weren’t too badly affected. Also i must apologise to a few people who may have received duplicate emails just now. Please let me know if you see any problems, or don’t receive your email when you normally do.

The good news is, making changes to MyChores is now hugely simpler. I simply have to type:

cap deploy

I enter the password, then Capistrano will fetch the latest source code from github, copy it over to the server, do some magic symlinking trickery (some of which i wrote!) and restart the server.

Previously i would have had to remember which files i had changed, go to my FTP and copy them across by hand and then restart the server myself. So this is most definitely a preferable solution. Plus, i can do it from my netbook! :)

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