MyChores has gone open source!

This is an exciting moment, and a terrifying one. The source code of MyChores is on the internet for anyone to see, contribute towards, copy, distribute, sell, sneer at … whatever! MyChores is hereby released under the MIT License, which completely supports my philosophy of free software - free in every sense of the word.

What i’m kind of hoping, in a naive sort of way, is that some people who may be so inclined, will fork the code, improve it, extend it, and offer it as a contribution to making MyChores bigger and better. I will still have ultimate control over what goes in, but i am perfectly happy to accept pull requests if they are good. I will most definitely credit anyone who contributes in any way, big or small. Thanks to the wonders of GitHub, this is awesomely easy! :D

Let me be perfectly honest: the code is a mess! Sure, it works, and when i wrote most of it, that was good enough. Now i am a professional Rails developer, and i think it’s awful! I am in the process of re-working much of it, so … please don’t judge on what you see. Just know that if it makes you cringe, i’m cringing right along with you. Since i have no tests just yet, i can’t just fix it up straight away, otherwise i won’t be sure it’s still working properly. I need to spend a lot of time testing what’s there already so that i can be confident in my fixing.

As a consequence of being open source, i can now open up the Lighthouse account to the whole world. I gave the link yesterday but you wouldn’t have been able to see anything. Well, now you can. MyChores tickets on the Lighthouse. If you have a Lighthouse account, feel free to log bugs and suggestions on there. I have moved over the existing issues from the Google spreadsheet.

Now then, who wants to help me set up Capistrano for automatic deployment? Any takers?! :)

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