Tiny weeny improvements

Today i have taken some enormous steps and made some tiny fixes!

I have installed Cucumber and begun writing some tests. That’s one enormous step! I have also opened a MyChores account on Lighthouse for bug tracking. I am hoping that Exceptional will automatically open tickets for me. When MyChores goes open-source, as i definitely intend for it soon, anyone will be able to submit tickets to the Lighthouse system.

As a result of writing just one test scenario i have made three tiny little improvements. I am feeling much better about the codebase already!

I don’t know if anyone noticed when they signed up, but if you got something wrong, the error message would appear twice. It was like:

2 errors:

  • Name can’t be blank
  • Name can’t be blank

How utterly lame! I mean, seriously! The crazy thing is, i think it has been that way since the beginning of time (i.e. April 2006) and i never got around to fixing it!

The culprit turned out to be this:

require 'person'

Now, that looks like a pretty majorly important thing, the sort of thing i must have had a reason for putting there, so i am slightly worried having taken it out, wondering whether there will be any knock-on effect. So far everything seems to be okay, but please let me know if you see anything funny in the week ahead!

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