Fixes and changes

My gosh, it has been a long time since i did any work on MyChores. I am not making any big changes at the moment, because i feel the need to dedicate a lot of time to writing tests and tidying up the code, and i just haven’t had that time. So a lot of things are on hold at the moment. But i have been able to put out a few changes today.

Task names can now be as long as you like!

Thank you to wmyork for pointing out that 30 characters was a bit limiting. Especially if you’re using Unicode double-byte characters and then the limit was a pathetic 14. You can now have up to 255 characters, which i am sure will be plenty. To avoid cluttering up the display, the task name still truncates to 30 characters, but you can click on the task to see its name in full. You should not notice any change for tasks previously created.

Curiously, just minutes after this change went live, somebody created a task with 31 characters. I am so glad to know that the increase is already being appreciated! Previously, they would have had to think of a shorter way to name their task.

Ticking of chores from Outlook emails

Thank you castlequeen for alerting me, Outlook was doing something funny when trying to tick off a task from an email. I think Outlook sends the request via JavaScript instead of normal HTML (for reasons i will not attempt to fathom). I still don’t know whether this issue is completely fixed, but i am reasonably sure it will be okay now.

Tips RSS feed working again!

Goodness knows how long this has been broken. I only happened to notice it because i was browsing the log file and saw an error come through. There was a simple mistake in the code; very easy to fix. As a consequence of fixing it, anyone who was following the tips RSS feed might suddenly get a flood of tips coming through. Sorry about that!

Exceptional error tracking!

We can thank paulca for this one. Paul Campbell originally hosted MyChores for us, and is now part of Contrast, a web app company in Ireland. They make a product called Exceptional which is going to keep track of MyChores for us, and email me whenever something goes wrong.

I have been thinking about trying this for ages, but it was the tips feed error that suddenly pushed me into doing it. If i had been using Exceptional, i could have fixed the problem months ago. Now i have some peace of mind that i’ll know about errors a lot sooner. It’s funny though … i’m kind of disappointed that it has been active for 29 minutes and i haven’t seen an error yet!

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