Upgrade complete

We are now running on Rails 2.1. I am trying a new method which is including Rails within the application, rather than relying on what happens to be running on the server (which is still 2.0.2).

I had to change to a new version of the Globalize plugin (kindly updated by the real Nate Clark) and time zones may work slightly differently. Please let me know if you see anything not working.

Once i am sure that everything is stable i can begin working on some new features.

PS. I’d just like to say a great big enormous THANK YOU to HostingRails for having Git installed on the server. Ah, that made things a lot easier for me to deploy the new version, and also gives me confidence that i can very easily roll back to the previous version if anything goes badly wrong.

It is possible that we may be able to use HostingRails as an Git repository, turning MyChores into an open source application. Other people could then work remotely and push their changes up to the server for me to review before going live. I find this idea exceedingly exciting!!

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