Improved registration process

Last week i made OpenID registration easier; today i have made traditional registration easier, using reCAPTCHA.

No more entering ‘H6a38G’ or whatever code it was that i mangled in the GIMP several years ago! I had quite a few emails about that, from people who couldn’t read the code and there was no alternative. Now we get a nice simple easy-to-understand box like this:

reCAPTCHA example

Several things are nice about this:

  1. If you can’t read the text you can re-load for another try
  2. It is accessible - there is an audio alternative
  3. It is secure, tried and tested on many sites
  4. It was easy-peasy for me to implement!
  5. You don’t have to get it exactly right, just near enough
  6. It apparently helps to turn old books into digital format

Pretty impressive, hey! I was most impressed by point number 5. I entered ‘Manhatten’ instead of ‘Manhattan’ and it allowed it. I also missed an ’s’ off one word and it still worked. Only if you get it drastically wrong does it fail and ask you for another try. I am pleased by this.

In other news, i am working on extending the MyChores API. I am trying to see whether it is possible to re-write MyChores Mobile to use the API, which would save me having to maintain two codebases. If it works, i’ll also make a proper effort on MyChores for Kids.

Oh yes, whilst i’m thinking about MyChores for Kids … would it be useful to anyone to have a currency field where you could enter an amount of pocket money that could be earned for doing chores? When i get on to reporting i could include a pocket money report … let me know if that could be useful!

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