Upgrade complete

We are now up and running with Rails 2.0.2. There were a few unforseen difficulties along the way, and you will probably need to login again. We are now storing session information in the database rather than cache in your browser. This turns out to be more secure.

The American English spellings are ready and our friends in America should already see the changes. It’ll be a while before we can start to translate into other languages because i need to make all the files aware of the globalization plugin. For now i have just done the words phrases that we needed for American spelling.

Please visit our new statistics page to see the glorious new Google Charts. I am really pleased with these! Your personal statistics page should also look a bit prettier for you now, with a nice little sparkline chart showing the tasks you have completed recently. This is mine:

Tasks completed in the last 28 days

I guess i do most of my chores on Sundays, heh! :)

MyChores Mobile is lagging behind, but i don’t think anybody uses it. I am planning to completely re-write it, making it use the API instead of having its own separate code-base. I’m not sure when this will happen, but it probably needs to be soon.

If you find anything wrong please do get in touch!

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