Awesomeness on its way!

I am very excited about some enhancements coming very soon! Firstly, let me tell you about something i released last month but kept quiet about it: in-place editing. You can now edit a task’s title and due date from your workload list without going to the edit page. It needs a setting activated in Preferences - Workload Preferences. Ensure JavaScript is enabled and tick on the in-place editing for the fields you wish to have quick-edit-ability. Many thanks to Jennifer for suggesting and testing this.

Now for the new stuff!

We are about ready to move to Rails 2.0.2. This doesn’t mean much to any of us except the site will hopefully run a bit faster. One consequence of moving up is the old paging functionality is no longer supported. This is the main reason i didn’t switch until now. The good thing about this is that i have implemented a new paging plugin which looks rather like Flickr,, et al.

A reminder (because you will soon forget!) of how it looks currently:

old paging

How it will look in the near future:

new paging

I don’t think any of us will miss the old version; this one is so much easier to use!

Another great thing i have discovered is Google Chart. Our statistics page is soon have a beautiful revamp. It means we can do cute things like this on the welcome page:

Tasks completed in the last 28 days

This is the number of tasks completed in the last 28 days. You can see the dip where we had that major outage earlier this month. Obviously this one won’t update, but the charts on the site will update in real-time.

Finally … i am so hyped up about this one … localisation is coming! We are about ready to go live with American English, meaning that you can have ‘Help center’, ‘color’, ‘localization’ etc showing up with the American spelling. It’ll be a configurable option, but anyone whose time zone is in America will get set to American English by default.

The really exciting thing about this is … before too long we’ll be able to translate the entire site into multiple languages. When i say ‘we’ i actually mean ‘you’! If you want to translate MyChores into your own language, you will have the option to do it. I will explain more when the time comes! :)

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