Some email changes

The Yahoo block has prompted me to make some important changes to MyChores and emails.

For a long time i have required email addresses to be verified before MyChores sent any emails. Once verified, however, i assumed that everyone wants daily emails. As from tonight, new people will be able to specify exactly what they want to receive from MyChores, and there should be no surprises when the emails start coming. It is also much easier to change email settings at any time. In each email from now on you will get a link that allows you to unsubscribe with just one click - without needing to log in.

Tonight i have been shocked to find there were 145 people who’ve been signed up for more than a month (most a lot more than a month), receiving emails every day, but who have never ticked a single chore! I have automatically stopped emails for those people. If you are one of them, and you want them back (perhaps you manage a team but don’t tick anything yourself) just go into your Email settings and turn emails on again. You’d probably best tick one chore to avoid getting your emails automatically stopped again in the future.

I have written to Yahoo and answered all sorts of questions about the emails that MyChores sends. Hopefully we’ll get back on to the whitelist soon. I am very sorry for the people who are currently without emails, and i do hope we can get this resolved very soon. Thank you for your patience.

Finally, a plea. If you do not want your MyChores email … please in future click the unsubscribe link rather than clicking any ‘this is spam’ button. Thanks! :)

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