US date format

Good news to people in America: you can now view your dates in US date format.

I am so sorry for taking ages to get around to this. As you may recall, i started on it and then my computer’s power supply died. I was dreading getting back into it and remembering how far i’d got and what was still to be done. But i made a determined effort to finish the thing today, and it wasn’t as hard as i’d imagined.

Okay, so to set your date format you go to Preferences and there is a new heading for Localisation options. If your time zone is set to a US time zone i have already set your date format to the US format. However, you will need to re-save your preferences for it to take effect, due to caching. Alternatively you can log out and in again, and that will pick it up.

You currently have three options for your date format:

UK format: 23 Feb 2008
US format: Feb 23 2008
International format: 2008-02-23

If you would like any other date formats i can easily add them for you.

There are still a few places where i have been unable to apply the preferred date format, and we have to use the international format to avoid ambiguity. That is when you mark a task as done on a particular date, when you reschedule all tasks in a list, and when you create tasks using the Quick-create format. If i can find a way of allowing these to be localised i will do it.

Welcome to our numerous new members recently, many of whom are in America. It is great to have you with us!

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