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It has been two weeks since i discovered that IE bug, but i have fixed it today. It was to do with having apostrophes in the task title - it messed up the “Are you sure you want to delete this task?” dialog. Actually it was a bug for all browsers - it meant we didn’t get the confirmation at all. I found it was too hard to escape the apostrophe into javascript-friendly syntax, so i just made the confirmation dialog leave out apostrophes altogether.

What took me so long? Well, i have had a lot going on lately, but i have also been working on a neat little feature suggested by Bill - the ability to change importance by hovering and clicking the stars. Just as if you were rating something on youtube or netflix. Many thanks to BeautScott.com for the widget, which uses scriptaculous and AJAX and is surprisingly fast to render and use, even with 40 instances on a page.

I hope you enjoy this new super-fast method to update the importance of your tasks. Let me know if it causes any problems.

2 Responses to “Quick-change importance”

  1. Gravatar (globally recognised avatar) associates an avatar with your email addressBeau Scott Says:

    Looks great :) I like the enhancements you made to the script. And you’re right: it does render very fast. Surprised me even how fast it rendered.


  2. Gravatar (globally recognised avatar) associates an avatar with your email addressAimee Says:

    Excellent, thanks! Wow i feel honoured you came to have a look! :)

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