New options

Two new things are available today: an easier way to delete multiple tasks at once, and the option to leave MyChores. Not that i want anyone to leave, but i think people are more likely to trust a site that they know they can leave whenever they want to. I guess it also allows people to sign up and see what it’s like, knowing they can leave if they don’t like it.

It’s all about flexibility. People have said to me that it’s difficult to delete lots of tasks all in one go, so this should help a lot. I have also had people email me to ask to be deleted because the option wasn’t there. If you leave MyChores it frees up your login id, meaning that you could register again with the same id. However, it doesn’t delete the record of all the tasks you may have completed, so that other team members can see what you did. But you appear as a name with a strike through, much like LiveJournal used to do for deleted people.

To introduce these two new options, i have created a Help centre. This has also allowed me to simplify the Preferences page, which was becoming way too bloated. Now you can set email preferences, Twitter integration and themes in separate places. There are also links to other useful things in the Help centre, such as OpenID, Pictures, Invite friends, Move tasks. Whenever Facebook integration comes along, that will also go in the Help centre, as will the setting up of personal RSS feeds.

You might think i’m going overboard with my British English spellings! You would be right, but there is a purpose: when i introduce proper globalisation support, “Help centre” will be the first to be configurable for American English. It’ll be a good step towards full translation, eg into German, which i still hope to do one day.

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