DNS update

It seems to me that the DNS is fully updated now; i haven’t had any problems with MyChores this morning. I have also set the email settings to send email from the new server, and that seems to be working fine too.

Is everybody receiving their emails? At the right time? Give or take an hour or so … the Ruby time zone class doesn’t take summer time into account, which complicates things … but now that the US are also back on standard time it’s a little easier, unless you’re in the Southern hemisphere …!

We are now up to 600 members! Welcome to Neil who signed up yesterday in the midst of all the DNS confusion! I was watching the logs at the time; i was especially nervous because Neil registered using OpenID - i was wondering whether the DNS would revert back halfway through the process! Fortunately for Neil, it seemed to work okay! :)

Amazingly, yesterday was one of our busiest days ever, with 153 tasks completed. The highest ever was 171 on 4th August 2007. Thank you to everyone for your patience during the switch over.

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