Tonight marks the beginning of a shift towards full globalisation on MyChores (globalization if you’re in America!)

All pages now send a UTF8 header to your browser, and all tables in the database have been converted to UTF8. I have tested it pretty thoroughly to ensure that no data was lost in the process, but if anything has gone wrong for you please let me know right away. I have a backup of the database so i should be able to unpick any big problems and fix them for you.

I don’t think anybody had entered multi-byte characters yet, but it should now be safe to do so. The only problem currently is that for a title which allows 25 single-byte characters it will chop it off at 12 multi-byte characters. I will probably increase the capacity in the database to fix this. I am also disappointed to find that it does not automatically pick up right-to-left paragraphs, although you can set it with <p dir="rtl">. I think it is a generic HTML problem, and if you ever write in RTL languages you probably know far more about this than i do!

It has been requested that MyChores support American date format, so that is intended to be next. There will be an option in your preferences to choose your setting. If your timezone indicates you are in America it will automatically go to American date format for you.

I am also considering having the whole site translatable! The Globalize plugin seems a very nice option for translating into other languages, falling back to English if no translations are available. If anyone would like to be involved in translating (for nothing except the feel-good factor and huge kudos on the site!) then do let me know.

Wow, it has been a busy day for MyChores! :)

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