A new idea in the pipeline

Sorry if the move to WordPress caused loads of old entries to flood your RSS feed. I wondered if that might happen.

Just to say, i have been thinking of a couple of new things for MyChores, one of which is tips. Any member will be able submit cleaning tips which they might have picked up or worked out for themselves. Tips will be tagged, and i will make it so that when you’re looking at one of your tasks, any relevant tips will show up. They will also be credited to the person who submitted them, and on that person’s profile will be a list of all the tips they have submitted.

This is sort of a community thing, but i promise MyChores isn’t going to turn into another social networking site! You will not be asked to rate people’s tips and there will be no “Top tipper” or anything like that. There might be a “Tip of the day” - we’ll see. I will only implement things which are legitimately useful, and i think that sharing tips between us will be useful.

Look out for this coming in the next few weeks! :)

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