A few changes

There have been a few little changes made today, mostly look-and-feel, nothing major.

Most notably the home page has had a re-image. It’s now much more icon-based and hopefully more eye-catching to newcomers.

Secondly, there is a page to list all the testimonials. A random testimonial has been appearing on the home page for a while, but now we have a way to see them all. I have also added a little user interface to allow you to submit a testimonial. It will require approval before being made public, but it’s an easy way to get your testimonial recorded. Be sure to include your MyChores login id so that i can make you a site supporter! :)

The team pages have been re-arranged slightly to make them a bit clearer. The focus now is on the team members, not the lists that belong to the team. The RSS and iCalendar integration should also hopefully be a bit more obvious.

Finally, for site supporters, you are able to view all completions for each of your tasks. Up until now tasks have had a little history of the last 5 times they were completed. If there are more than 5, you’ll now get a link saying ‘View more …’ which takes you to another page where you can see every time the task was done, and undo if necessary.

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