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I am pleased to report that MyChores Mobile now allows OpenID login. In keeping with the ‘minimum administration’ aspect of MyChores Mobile, you cannot register there with OpenID, nor can you associate your account with an OpenID; those things have to be done on the main MyChores site. (The real reason is because it would be too difficult for me to keep track of two differet codebases for the complex administration features.)

Another piece of news – we have become an affiliate site with MyOpenID. The signup URL, if you would like to try it, is I hope there’s no superstitious people out there who think it’s a bad omen that we are number six hundred and sixty-six! I say at least it’s easy to remember! :)

I am thinking about re-designing the home page, wondering what should go on there. I want a few more icons that point to the various features of MyChores, including highlighting the mobile site much more prominently. I still want to keep the news box and a random testimonial, but maybe i can move things around a bit. I’ll try sketching a few ideas out.

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  1. Gravatar (globally recognised avatar) associates an avatar with your email addressJohn Douglas Halve Says:

    I am the affiliate coordinator over at Vidoop and just wanted to mention that we have an affiliate program as well. It is a simple sign up process and is basically the same as’s affiliate sign up. Another point to make is that offering users a few recommendations to a few “good” OIP’s is good practice and let’s them know you are helping them select a reputable OIP. The sign up is at

  2. Gravatar (globally recognised avatar) associates an avatar with your email addressAimee Says:

    Hi John,

    Thanks for the option, but i am somewhat put off by your enormous list of terms and conditions.

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