MyChores synchronisation with iCalendar

An exciting new feature has launched today, thanks to noi for the suggestion, we now have the beginnings of iCalendar support! Each team has a public iCalendar address (with an un-guessable URL for security) which means you can synchronise MyChores tasks with any application which supports iCalendar format.

There are actually two URLs per team – one for todo items and another for events – so you have a choice which you use. I happen to think todo items are more logical, but i discovered that Google Calendar ignores todo items completely, hence giving an option for events as well.

I am not an iCalendar user myself, so i will be grateful of any feedback from people who would like to give it a go. If you don’t like the way i have mapped some things, let me know and they can probably be changed.

I have tried it in Google Calendar and KOrganiser, but i’m aware there are many more iCalendar applications out there. I’m not sure how quickly Google Calendar refreshes itself – i have ticked off a task but it hasn’t moved in Google … hopefully it will synchronize again and get up to date before long. I know Apple’s iCal has an option for how often you want the calendar refreshed.

There is a good chance we’ll be able to get the tasks recurring in iCalendar. It was almost possible, except for a little bug in the Ruby iCalendar gem. I have emailed to ask for support – maybe i was doing something the wrong way. As soon as i find a way of doing it, i’ll enable recurring iCalendar tasks.

Stay tuned for some HUGE news tomorrow … i have a massive announcement to make!! :) :)

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